2021-10-27 15:45:24

Ethereum DeFi protocol Cream Finance hacked for more than $130 million

Quick Take

  • DeFi protocol Cream Finance has suffered another exploit, this time for more than $130 million
  • The funds stolen were mostly in Cream LP tokens and other ERC-20s.


DeFi protocol Cream Finance has been hacked for more than $130 million. The exploit was highlighted by PeckShield, who identified a large flash loan transaction that was used to carry it out.

According to blockchain records, $92 million was stolen into one address and $23 million into another, alongside other funds taken. The funds are now being moved around to different wallets.

This is the third largest DeFi hack in history, according to Rekt’s leaderboard (although both of the two bigger hacks had funds returned).

The funds stolen were mostly in Cream LP tokens and other ERC-20 tokens. Cream LP tokens are tokens you receive when you deposit funds into the Cream pools.

Cream Finance is a decentralized lending protocol built on the Ethereum blockchain. The protocol has notably suffered multiple flash loan attacks in its history, losing $37.5 million in February and then another $18.8 million in August.

This will bring the total amount of funds stolen in DeFi attacks above $500 million (graph not yet updated).

This story has been updated to show the amount of funds stolen was higher than initial estimates.

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