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Bitcoin SV, Baby Doge Coin, AstroElon — 3 Altcoins Seeing High Social Media Interest Today

The following three altcoins are seeing high social media interest early Tuesday.

Bitcoin SV (CRYPTO: BSV): The cryptocurrency was born as a result of a hard fork of Bitcoin Cash (CRYPTO: BCH) in 2018, which itself emerged after a hardfork of Bitcoin (CRYPTO: BTC) in 2017. The “SV” in Bitcoin SV stands for Satoshi Vision as the coin claims to have stayed true to the vision of Bitcoin’s anonymous founder. 

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BSV traded 19.39% higher at $155.60 at press time over 24 hours and spiked 19.12% against BTC in the same period. The coin has spiked 22.69% over a week.
The surge came as London’s High Court gave a ruling in favor of Australian entrepreneur Craig Wright — the most influential backer of Bitcoin SV — in a case involving copyright infringement related to the original Bitcoin whitepaper.

“Cøbra” the pseudonymous operator of Bitcoin.org website has been asked to remove the whitepaper, to which Wright claims to hold the copyright, as per a statement released by Ontier. The case was discussed heavily on Reddit forum r/CryptoCurrency.

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Baby Doge Coin (CRYPTO: BABYDOGE): The cryptocurrency that claims to have learned a few tricks from its father, the Shiba Inu-themed Dogecoin (CRYPTO: DOGE), has been trending on CoinMarketCap. The project makes claims that it is “hyper-deflationary” and has a smart integrated staking system that rewards holders as transactions take place.

The newly launched cryptocurrency claimed on Twitter on Sunday that it had passed 150,000 holders.

BABYDOGE traded 5.93% lower at less than $0.00000001 at press time. The coin has spiked 62.26% over a week.

AstroElon (CRYPTO: ELONONE): AstroElon claims to be a safe, auto reward and auto-deflationary ERC 20 protocol that was built in response to scams and “rug pulls.”  On Monday, a post by u/lovomon featured an AstroElon billboard in Times Square, New York City. 

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The post was titled, “We’re in Times Square, baby! Time to hop in, we’re about to liftoff! Let’s go!”

ELONONE traded 18.09% higher at $0.0000000391 at press time over 24 hours. The cryptocurrency traded 16.56% higher against BTC and 9.53% higher against Ethereum (CRYPTO: ETH).

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