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Cardano Is Dominating, but What Does the Future Hold for This Coin?

ADA, which is the name of the coin, is derived from the mathematician Ada Lovelace. The Cardano ADA coin has the fifth-largest market cap among the crypto coins, and the price reached an all-time high of $2.46 in May 2021.

The Cardano platform is centered around a proof-of-stake protocol, unlike some of its predecessors such as Bitcoin, which are based on proof-of-work protocols.

The proof-of-stake protocol is conceptually designed to mine block transactions, which means the more coins you hold, the more mining power you own.

Compared to the state of work protocols, the Cardano platform consumes much less power to mine coins – making it a sustainable coin, especially now with investors’ eyes focused on “green investments”. Cardano’s energy consumption is relatively low, at only 6 Gwh of power, and it’s reported that the proof-of-stake algorithm is 20000 times more efficient than the Bitcoin mining system.

What is the forecast for Cardano?

There are over 9000 altcoins on the crypto market, and Cardano (despite being a reasonably new coin) is beating the competition. Cardano ADA has a market capitalization of about $33.69B, and it’s ranked in the top five crypto coins.

Expert crypto analysts speculate that Cardano will reach $10 in 2021; the coin’s value was up by 4200% in the last year.

Interest from large corporations like Tesla, which has recently pulled back from using Bitcoin due to its significant carbon footprint, has also played into the hands of Cardano.

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How to buy Cardano?

Coinlife is an established cryptocurrency broker that offers trading in multiple cryptocurrencies, including Cardano. Their trading platform is designed with an intuitive interface and advanced tools to suit your trading requirements.

The trading platform is accessible via a web browser from a desktop or any mobile device. Some of the benefits they offer are 24/7 trading, web and mobile trading, and the one-click-trade feature to allow for fast execution of trades.

You can talk to a Coinlife representative who is available 24 hours, six days a week, to resolve queries relating to accounts or technical issues. They can be contacted via email and live chat service.

Coinlife has a transparent but strict withdrawal policy, which requires identification for every transaction to ensure funds are transferred to the legal account holder. They also offer payment via crypto wallets, wire transfers, and credit cards.

Bottom Line

The crypto markets are highly susceptible to market sentiment and social media trends. As long as the mainstream is focused on sustainable investments, the future of Cardano is still bright, and we may see it reach $10 soon. Coinlife offers multiple benefits to satisfy the active crypto trader, and they ensure the safety of funds with their strict security technology and steadfast policies. Coinlife allows you to join this market by ensuring you have all the necessary tools and resources for an effortless trading experience.

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