2022-01-11 13:42:51

Crypto crazy couple name baby after favourite digital asset

Cryptocurrency-loving parents Bruno Karno and his wife Agatha have named their first-born in honour of their favourite crypto.

The Indonesian couple welcomed baby ‘Cardano’ into the world shortly before Christmas on their Labuan Bajo island home on Komodo, and neither of them hesitated for a moment in choosing the name after finding inspiration during the Cardano Summit in October.

Until that point, the youngster was destined to be named Emeric Cardano, but the summit and work across Africa by Input-Output supremo Charles Hoskinson was enough to convince both mum and dad that a bright future lay ahead for both their son and his digital asset namesake.

“The first reason I named my son Cardano was because I trust Cardano as a long-term investment,” explained proud dad Bruno.

“Next, I love what Charles and Tim have done in Africa, what Cardano collaborates with, and the most is the security on Cardano is the best one.”

Bruno and his wife – Agatha Nilam Astriani – have been fans of cryptocurrency for several years, but became serious about digital assets a couple of years ago.

“I got into crypto when Bitcoin was first around and many people talked about it,” added Bruno.

“But I am clearly into crypto since 2019. Then I learned more about crypto, then found Cardano was in the top 10 market cap.”

The Cardano blockchain was created by Ethereum co-founder Charles Hoskinson in 2017. Its native token is known as ‘ADA’, named after the famous 19th century English mathematician Ada Lovelace who worked on computing pioneer Charles Babbage’s ‘Difference Engine’ – forerunner to the modern computer.

However, despite the connection, the couple have already ruled out calling any future daughter ‘Ada’.

Charles Hoskinon

“We’re happy as we are for now with just Cardano – our son and the cryptocurrency,” laughed Bruno.

“I can’t predict the future but I’m sure in the next 20 years both of them will have a bright future.”

News of baby Cardano was welcomed by Charles Hoskinson himself.

“Cardano is perhaps the world’s greenest, most energy-efficient blockchain and has been developed as a free, flexible tool, allowing people everywhere to improve the world’s various systems,” said the IOG CEO.

“That we now have baby Cardano is testament to our vision for Cardano to help to democratise opportunity worldwide and inspires us even more to deliver on Cardano’s potential to transform the world for the better.”

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