2021-07-07 17:02:18

Crypto market stasis: Experts and academics take questions on bitcoin, ethereum and other cryptocurrencies

After a chaotic few months for cryptocurrency, the market has calmed down considerably.

For the last seven days, bitcoin has failed to break above $36,000 or drop below $32,000 – and for the last seven weeks it has traded within a $10,000 window between $30,000 and $40,000.

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This remarkable period of stability has been largely mirrored by other leading cryptocurrencies, such as Ethereum (ether) and Cardano (ada), however certain meme coins have managed to buck market trends with their own record-breaking runs.

To help make sense of all this, we’ve invited two experts to take your questions on the current market limbo.

Has bitcoin entered a bear market or is this just a price correction in a longer term bull run? Which other cryptocurrencies are worth looking out for? What impact do the latest laws and regulations have on the overall market?

Dr Iwa Salami, a senior lecturer in financial law at the University of East London, and Fred Schebesta, a crypto advocate and founder of comparison platform Finder.com, will join us on Thursday, giving Independent readers an opportunity to ask anything they like about bitcoin and the crypto space.

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