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ELEV8, Appliqate’s Hybrid Event Division Announces Miami

Sheridan Wyoming, May 04, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Appliqate Inc. (OTC: APQT) announces key speakers and schedule for ELEV8 Miami 2021 that will take place June 2nd & 3rd in Wynwood Miami during Bitcoin Week. The conference will take place at the Wynwood Garage. ELEV8:Miami addresses the latest trends and investment opportunities for digital assets NFT’s, ALT Coins, blockchain adoption, cryptocurrencies and the state of the institutional and retail market. The conference boasts 20+ speakers and will include dynamic workshops, panel discussions, presentations, case studies, and networking events.

The initial lineup of speakers , features Michael Terpin, CEO of Transform Group, Jesus Rodriguez, CEO of Into the Block, Gerard Dache, Founder of Government Blockchain Association, Zach Wildes, Celsius’s Head of Community, Roberto Machado, CEO of Beta Blocks, Sheldon Evans, Youtuber and Crypto Enthusiast , Santana Moss and Matt Shapiro, Former NFL-National Football League Players , Charles Silver, Founder of Permission.io. View the full speaker lineup at https://www.elev8con.com/elev8-miami-summit-2021/

“In 2019 13% of wealth advisors have allocated funds in crypto – twice the amount in 2018 – and 2020 is primed to bring an even larger rise in the adoption of digital assets for institutional investors. ELEV8: Digital Assets will convene investors and thought leaders to facilitate a pivotal dialogue between the most important stakeholders in the digital asset sector and existing financial system.” said Todd Brockman Chairman and Co-Founder, ELEV8.

Panel discussions, presentations, case studies, and networking events will take place over two days in Miami. On June 2nd there will be a welcome reception and networking event for Attendees and Speakers.. Attendees will leave the conference with an understanding of how decentralized finance continues to impact issues such as liquidity, derivatives, trading and infrastructure.

The conference will tackle a wide variety of discussions pertinent to digital assets, notably, Alt Coins: State of the Market,Insights on the NFT Explosion, The impact of Cryptocurrency adoption on government, A Deep Dive into Defi analytics , How Crypto Markets Work with Financial Institutions, and more.

Attendees will include institutions who have or are considering deploying capital into crypto markets, including angel/venture investors, ETF managers, financial advisors/wealth managers, hedge funds, insurance firms, mutual funds, pension funds, private equity, research analysts and RIAs and more.

From now until June 1st, ELEV8 is offering a discounted registration price if registration is paid for with bitcoin. For more information on Bitcoin ticket prices, visit: https://checkout.opennode.com/p/f869da80-877c-4f12-8ec6-af2cbd80110a

For more information on this event: https://www.elev8con.com/elev8-miami-summit-2021/

For Full Agenda : https://www.elev8con.com/elev8-miami-2021-schedule/

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About ELEV8

ELEV8’s vision is that emerging new technologies such as digital assets, cryptocurrencies, AI, and blockchain create a more interconnected economic global ecosystem, working to eliminate barriers to growth and creating increased value for stakeholders across all industries. We believe future technologies will serve as the foundation for new economic systems which are more efficient, open, and accessible. We believe future technologies will serve as the foundation for new economic systems which are more efficient, open, and accessible. Our mission is to enable that progress with industry research, distribution of the most current news and by hosting industry events that convene executives at the forefront of shaping the future of emerging technology. Our platform is home to the world’s leading tech experts; we collaborate with industry stakeholders across vertical markets and openly share insight. ELEV8 is at the forefront of shaping the future. View ELEV8’s research & industry content here: https://www.elev8con.com/industry-content/

About Appliqate Inc: Appliqate Inc is a publicly traded technology development firm that provides businesses, executives and investors access to capital and innovative solutions by utilizing platforms and business models to disrupt industry sectors. With an emphasis on media, blockchain, live entertainment, and intellectual property, the company accelerates the growth of tech solutions in these markets. Appliqate’s management team represents a unique combination of technology development, operating, investing, financial and transactional expertise.

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