2021-12-20 12:06:40

Flexa Adds Cardano as a Payment Option in 40,000 Locations

Despite the fact that ADA is currently bleeding and underperforming, the native token of Cardano has recently gained a new adoption.

The leading pure-digital payment network Flexa, has announced the addition of Cardano’s native token ADA, to its list of supported cryptocurrencies for payments.

Flexa Adds Cardano Support

On Friday, the company disclosed that it now supports ADA as part of its ongoing campaign which would see the digital token being accepted in close to 40,000 places in the United States.

Going by the foregoing, it means that holders of the asset can now use the token as a payment method at Regal, one of the leading theater operators in the United States.

Regal and Flexa, earlier this year announced a collaboration which would see the movie house accept cryptocurrencies as a payment method for their services.

At the time, Regal wrote that it would be supporting crypto payments “Via the Flexa network” continuing that “Regal is accepting these new currencies in a safe, reliable, and trusted way. Flexa’s guaranteed settlement, flexible integration options, fraud-proof architecture, and breadth of currency and payment options solve enduring challenges and points of friction that are currently hindering the widespread adoption of digital assets.”

Cardano in the Last 24 Hours

Cardano’s ADA within the last 24 hours has lost close to 4% of its value and is currently trading for $1.22. Since reaching an ATH of $3.10 on September 2, the digital asset has lost over 60% of its value and its value has plummeted rapidly to new lows.

According to available data from IntoTheBlock, 73% of addresses currently holding the crypto asset are currently at loss. An indication that the majority of those currently holding the token are doing so at a loss.

Within this period, the asset also lost its bragging right as a top 5 crypto asset dropping to the seventh position according to available data on CoinMarketCap.

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