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Will Bitcoin & Ethereum Reach $100,000 & $5000 by 2022?

The cryptocurrency market is facing a dip since the beginning of 2022 and many investors are planning to take a chance this year to get an amazing return in the next few years. But it seems that these days are going to be difficult for some traders around the world because the market is moving towards a dip so, many investors are planning to change their way and few are believing that this could be a mistake if they will make any investment in the recent days.

During our searches, a question is circulating over the Internet and it is searching for an answer. After noticing the plunge in top cryptocurrencies of the market, everyone is expecting that Will Bitcoin and Ethereym reach on their high by the end of 2022? Not only this but several platforms have been flooded with these questions who are just circulating about the predictions and expectations of the Bitcoin cryptocurrency. Not only Bitcoin but Ethereum also become a topic among traders. Will Bitcoin & Ethereum reach $100,000 & 5000$ by 2022? This is the most asked question on Quora and maybe, everyone should know about this.

Will Bitcoin & Ethereum Hit $100,000 & $5000 by 2022?

Here we don’t have much information about the prediction or expectations of Bitcoin and Ethereum but if you are a holder of these coins and waiting to let these coin take a high jump in the upcoming years so, it will be shocking for all the investors because once a time, both coins are it’s high but due to several dips in the market, the coins are unable to touch at their exact reach.

Ethereum (ETH)
Rank: 2

Well, there are more than 9,000 cryptocurrencies that you can choose if you really want to invest in cryptocurrencies. Well, Bitcoin is the only largest cryptocurrency followed by Ethereum. As per the graph of Bitcoin, the coin took an immense jump at the beginning of 2021 and after this, the coin reached on in high. The coin was at $19,417 in December 2020 but after a few days, the coin took a long jump and reached $40,250 USD in January 2021.

⇣ 40,739.00

9 Jan

⇡ 42,349.00

A former Entrepreneur at Bitcoin, Roger K Ver said through a statement that with the new Omicron coronavirus variant sending investment markets into turmoil again, the arbitrary but long-awaited $100,000 Bitcoin milestone (74% higher than the going price as of this writing) is still a way off at this point and looks unlikely to be reached in 2021. But cryptocurrency prices are volatile, both on the way down and the way up. It is possible Bitcoin could reach the $100,000 mark in 2022″.

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Let’s move to the Ethereum coin so, the Ethereum coin also took a high jump by the end of 2020 and reached more than $2000 USD at the beginning of 2021. Many experts and investors are believing that the crypto market is rapidly increasing and soon, it could touch $5000 USD by the end of 2022. In recent days, the coin faced a plunge in the market and traders are believing that the coin could face more plunges in the upcoming days and maybe, the Omicron coronavirus will affect the market with a massive loss. But, the experts are believing that the coin has many chances to reach around $5000 USD before the ending of 2022.

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