2021-04-18 05:00:00

County Durham 16-year-old makes £5,000 through Bitcoin

A TEENAGER from County Durham, who has made a “fortune” through cryptocurrency, is looking to make others “well informed” of the dangers and benefits of the digital coin.

Daniel Hendry, aged 16 and from Langley Park,, joined the cryptocurrency craze after seeing stories of early investors making millions from investing in Bitcoin – the most widespread cryptocurrency at the moment – and has made £5,000 through his efforts.

Daniel believes that the digital asset is the future of currency and wants to encourage other children his age to “see the world of cryptocurrency”– while also bringing attention to scams, and dispelling rumours surrounding it.

Daniel said: “I got into cryptocurrency by seeing stories of the early investors making thousands – even millions – just by buying bitcoin. I then realised there can be some serious money to be made in the crypto scene.

“I invested in bitcoin in March 2020 and then within one year Bitcoin had a 729 per cent increase in price. This is when I started to see the potential of Bitcoin.

“The best tips and warnings I can give to people getting into cryptocurrency is to do as much research into it as you can before investing into it and don’t send any of your cryptocurrency to anyone you don’t know as once you have sent it you won’t be able to get it back.

He added: “Many people believe that cryptocurrency is only used for criminal activities but only 2.1 per-cent of cryptocurrency transactions are actually used for criminal activity which is a lot less than any other currency.

“I think cryptocurrency should be taught in schools because there are dangers to it and it is important people are well informed about what this is as it keeps growing more every day.

“I see myself staying in cryptocurrency for the rest of my life considering how successful I have been already from it.

“The older generation should know that cryptocurrency is safe as long as you do enough research and understand what you are getting into.

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