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Is Google Increasing the Cryptocurrency Visibility?

Regardless of how many security locks you keep or passwords you change, the possibility of getting betrayed, fraud, or scam will always be there. All of these three terms refer to the same thing but can leave a person empty-handed if the greatest asset of all time-cryptocurrency is stolen. 

Needless to say, the skyrocketing value of various high-profitable cryptocurrencies holds immense value in today’s financially unstable world. At this critical time, where investors and genuine traders are looking forward to investing their hard-earned money in hope of huge profits. Similarly, some phishing and fraud hackers or those who are experts in technicalities are a great threat to the privacy of these cryptocurrencies. 

Reason Why Google is Increasing the Cryptocurrency Visibility.

Cryptocurrencies are also known to be one of the safest options to invest in as it influences the idea of a digital currency that cannot be robbed physically. But, today’s critical situations have made the scenario even worse. In this regard, Google – the largest multinational, publicly-oriented platform has entered the ground and is observed to take some strict preventive measures against this increasingly global issue of cryptocurrencies.

Here are some reasons why we think Google is increasing cryptocurrency visibility.

Cryptocurrency has long been a great criminal’s ground to attempt such suspicious activities without getting noticed in the crowd of investors.

Due to not having global law enforcement, cryptocurrencies are easily accessible to anyone and no authority or any state’s government is responsible for any mishap in this area. 

Daily, thousands of crypto enthusiasts enter the market and invest huge sums of money blindly, unaware of the fact that there are enemies all around the world. 

Not new to us that common criminal endeavors have always been associated with cryptocurrencies such as tax evasion, money laundering, contraband transactions, and extortion.

Anonymity is the biggest challenge when it comes to cryptocurrency trading. Many investors hide their identity and anonymously trade with expensive bitcoin currencies whereas many of them do it by revealing identity. Hence, if an anonymous gets into any such problem, the owner cannot even claim it their account due to the anonymity of the account. 

There is comparatively less or no visibility in cryptocurrency like in other real-time investments as real-estate, gold assets, bonds, and more. 

The structure and construction of bitcoin is very similar that makes it very easy for tech-sassy people to hire designers, illustrators, any expert to draw such a pattern and replace it with the real one. 

The renowned cybercrime agencies that are everyone’s ultimate approach in regards to any digital fraud have neither control over cryptocurrencies nor they get involved in such matters as it is against their work ethics. 

The involvement of other platforms for transactions, currency exchange, tax, and other purposes promotes third-party interference, increasing the risk of fraud. Thus, choose safe options like Bitcoin Power trading system without the fear of any such concern. 

Numerous novice crypto investors impulsively buy a huge amount of diversified cryptos but fail to secure them which leads to losing all of them like one never had before. 

In the light of all these statements, Google has decided to increase the visibility of cryptocurrencies so that one can easily track and monitor them across many other blockchain platforms. It will also be an immense help to see the trends and your crypto’s price fluctuations without sitting in front of your account all the time. Remember the more your account is logged in, the higher are the chances of anyone accessing it without your permission. Google also recommends choosing hard passwords and keeping them safe in any hand-written note. 


Many transaction analytic tools also help in securing your crypto and notifying you if they find anything suspicious such as bitcoin mastery has been a major help in decreasing the complaints of bitcoin scams and making strategies to keep it protected by all means.

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