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Youa Group Releases Drama ‘Pumping Time,’ Based on Real Subject Matter of Cryptocurrency

SEOUL, KOREA / ACCESSWIRE / March 31, 2021 / ‘Pumping Time,’ the first ever to-be released seasonal production drama based on real subject matter of cryptocurrency, recently received financing and support from multiple Wall Street circles. As a result, the response has been equally supportive and hot in Hollywood circles.

“The Youa Group is the gold standard of next generation business and philanthropic leaders”, said a senior executive member of the festivities at the prestigious Family Film Awards ceremony on March 24, 2021.

Production begins

Recently, Youa Group announced the reorganization of its business to venture into the entertainment and media sector, specifically around cryptocurrency. In that regard, Youa Group recently began the production of various content pieces, including television series drama ‘Pumping Time’ and variety show “Jumping and Dumping”. With support from a global cryptocurrency influencer agency, Youa Group has emerged as a pioneer in the cryptocurrency-related media and content production field.

‘Pumping Time’ will feature various real-life materials surrounding cryptocurrency, including top cryptocurrency exchanges and funds. Famous CEOs, celebrities and individuals in the cryptocurrency world will make cameo appearances in the drama to introduce them to people around the world who have little or no knowledge about cryptocurrency. Further, the drama will delve into questionable tactics around cryptocurrency in order to educate and warn the public of its potential risks and pitfalls, with the goal to minimize any potential effects. In particular, the drama will go into detail about various cryptocurrencies issued by local and national governmental entities around the world. The drama will provide information to the public on various know-hows relating to cryptocurrency investment, including use of cryptocurrency exchanges, research of trends and charts, various cryptocurrency related investment products and methodologies, and the potential dangers surrounding cryptocurrency investment.

Global Interest in South Korean market

In the cryptocurrency atmosphere, over 30% of all cryptocurrency transactions in the world occurred in South Korea. In 2017, South Korea was top 3 in the world in terms of cryptocurrency trading volume. For reference, on March 12 of this year, the daily trading volume at local stock exchange (KOSPI) was around $12 billion dollars, while the daily trading volume at the four local major cryptocurrency exchanges was around $15 billion dollars. Due to its sheer trading volume in Korea, the local and national government alike in Korea has taken notice as they take active steps to formally implement cryptocurrency into the national and local economy, including issuance of local digital currencies and adopting bitcoin as a legal tender for transaction purposes. Based on those positive factors in both entertainment and cryptocurrency sphere, Youa Group believes that Korea will be the appropriate launch pad for ‘Pumping Time’ in capturing the hearts of viewers around the world.

Meanwhile, YuTing, a prominent fund manager on Wall Street, invested in ‘Pumping Time’. To this date, it is recorded as the first local drama to be invested by Wall Street. YuTing was elected as vice-chairman of the Youa group by the board of directors.

Since Korea is known for producing hot items such as ‘BTS, Black Pink, Gangnam Style’, the expectations in Hollywood and Wall Street towards ‘Pumping Time’ are hot.

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